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Kent School of English was founded in 1980 and has operated out of Urayasu and the surrounding Tokyo Bay Shore Area for the past 30 years.

Kent’s main focus is to improve the conversational skills of our students, with classes geared toward speaking and listening practice and comprehension. We offer classes to students from children to adults.

Kent has a variety of classes that cover everything from daily English conversation to preparation for working or living overseas, as well as short-term intensive courses, business and exam preparation.

Using textbooks chosen to match student’s level and goals, as well as specially prepared curriculums, Kent is able to meet the needs of individual students to help them reach their English speaking goals.
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Kent location
Kent’s main school is located next to Shin-Urayasu station, in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. Shin-Urayasu is about a 20 minute train ride from central Tokyo and is near to Tokyo Disney Land. Kent also has one school located in Hinode, a twenty minute walk from our Shin-Urayasu school.
working at Kent
Kent is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 1pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm, with classes scheduled during those times. Each teacher has a different schedule, but most teachers have around seven classes a day. Teachers have a mix of adult and kids’ classes, as well as a mix of private and group lessons.
Teacher Support
Kent provides teachers with: visa sponsorship; housing, a bike and futon, if needed; and any support necessary for adjusting to their daily life in Japan. There is a training period for new teachers at Kent; as well as teacher’s meetings, workshops, and observations throughout the year.
Teacher Support
voices of teachers
about KENT
"Kent values its teachers, and works hard to build good relationships between teachers and students."

"Urayasu isn`t a bright lights, big city kind of place, but it has all the things you need for daily life, it`s clean and modern and has good transport links."

about JAPAN
"It`s really easy to travel around Japan, even if you can`t speak any Japanese. There is always something interesting to find, or do or eat!"


about KENT
"Kent has such a warm and welcoming environment. The staff and management are forever helpful and inspiring."

about JAPAN
"Japan is a one-of-a-kind country. From world class cuisine to endless cultural activities, there is never enough time to take in all that Japan has to offer."


about KENT
"Kent is a friendly place to work. Everyone is approachable and professional.
Teachers have a certain amount of freedom in planning their lessons, and are able to step outside the school between gaps in their schedule. Teachers also have a teachers` room where they can access on- and off-line resources."

"Urayasu is a comfortable and modern place to live. Easy access to all amenities and not far away from Tokyo."

about JAPAN
"Japan is never dull. There is always something going on. One has a host of opportunities and attractions to enjoy."


about KENT
"Kent has lessons in one town, so there minimal travelling is required. We create good relationships with our regular students."

"Urayasu is in Chiba which is a beautiful coastal prefecture with some of the best beaches in Japan."


about KENT
"Kent is a very friendly environment with welcoming staff and lovely students."

"Urayasu feels very safe and is well connected to Tokyo station. There is an international association which provides volunteer Japanese lessons if you are interested."


Please send CVs and cover letters to the attention of Kaoru Yagawa, Kent School Principal at
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